Proposed Atheist Motivations, from theists

A curious tactic employed by some theists, well more rational than tactic, is to retroactively decide the motives of atheist’s lack of belief. This idea can take many forms: the classic you just hate god, sometimes you just want to sin, or even the devil has you, etc. The ridiculousness of these claims is only matched by their hilarity. Obviously, people that do not believe something even exists cannot be afraid of it. Those who don’t believe in the concept of sin, don’t desire sin, and the devil, really? See the previous sentence.

But this does happen, and it’s interesting to speculate why. Now noting that this is only speculation, and I have no desire to do exactly what I am arguing against, so feel free to correct me if I am wrong, it seems to me that this is defensive tactic. People that believe to such a degree that the very idea of someone not believing it is baffling to them may employ this rational, but many more would use it to defend against outside intrusion into their weak basis for belief. It is these people I think attack so strongly. Because to admit that there are perfectly normal people that do not believe what they do exist, chips away at the fragile foundations of their belief.

So to my religious friends, if you have ever wondered or thought that this was an atheist’s real motivation, I ask you to really reevaluate why it is that you believe. And what those foundations really are, and why an atheist existing shakes you so badly.

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