Why is it the universes job to make you happy?

If you really hammer home counters to all the more ludicrous ideas about religion, many theists will eventually bring up the notion “well without god then there is no consultation. If you take belief away from people what are you going to put in its place to comfort them? “,or some other feel good variant. Well when asked that question I answer the same as many other questions. There isn’t anything. The universe was not made for us, we are just incidental. If every human died tomorrow, the universe would be no worse off. It is not my or the universes responsibility to comfort the religious.

This idea has further implications. Does saying this mean that many believers think that an idea being nice or comforting means it’s true, or at least more likely to be true? Well I’m sorry but the degree to which an idea feels good has nothing to do with its truth value. I have no doubt that religion is comforting to many people. The idea that the universe is all figured out is comforting, the idea that you have all the answers is great. And that there is someone else looking out for you is very attractive to some. But it is not real. Comforting delusions are still delusions.

What can be said however is what happens when you let go of the belief in god. Letting that notion go the way of palm reading or ghosts, returns responsibility to you, where it always should be. It makes people realize they are in control of their choices, and their choices have consequences. It opens the door to exploring the world on its own terms and your part in it. Although I opened this post saying there isn’t anything to put in religious place for comfort, I do find those ideas much more invigorating and more uplifting. Especially more than the burning bush.

What about you?


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