You are not Victims!

In light of many court cases, and the seemingly endless outcry from this holiday season, I thought I had to comment on this obsessive victim-hood that so many religious people seem to need. It really doesn’t make sense to me, think about it, why would people who think they have the same ideas or are in direct agreement with god that they are being insulted by people who disagree with them? I mean if they truly believe that why would the opinions of us measly humans harm them in any possible way?

How come every single other really strongly held belief, be a political parties, sports team, even opinions about your own family, those all can stand up to criticism and normally people will take it with relative stride or the very respond with equal animated talk about it, really engage the conversation and come back at the offender with a lot of good reasons that your personal beliefs are actually valid. But no, religious people seem to think that their beliefs are special, that because they are ordained by god, according to them, they are completely free from all possible criticism and the very idea of criticizing such a belief is deemed insulting, and so they are victims.

Let’s make this very clear, religious beliefs are not special, they’re just like any other random opinion. Religious folk are free to speak their minds but once they do we are then free to criticize and even to insult of their ideas. Once mentioned out loud than they are now part of a public discourse, which means there are immune from nothing. But of course it doesn’t stop there, I mean if religious people just had their beliefs and voice them occasionally, but more or less kept them themselves, then we would have nothing to talk about. But that doesn’t happen. Religious belief by its nature requires other people to prop up give legitimacy to it, to validate it.


So when those beliefs are put in the public square and people use them as justification to change public policy and other people don’t like that and try to stop them many are met with harsh accusations. Voicing objection means that they are victimizing religious people. Demanding that religious people obey the same laws, and that their ideas are treated equally, is seen as offensive.

I feel that many forget that this is necessary. We cannot have anyone’s personal beliefs dictate the wellbeing and rights of everyone around them is this doesn’t work. We as a society, rely on protecting individual rights and freedoms. Forcing individual or even majority opinion from controlling the lives of people who disagree with them.

So to my theist friends, the next time you want a display put on the public square, or your religion taught in public school, remember people saying no to you is not an infringement on your rights, it is protecting everybody else’s rights from you and your beliefs.

Your need to impose religious ideas on to everybody else is the problem, NOT the solution.

Have a lovely afternoon .

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  2. Thinking like that shows an expert’s touch

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