Apologetics: God is a poor writer?

Apologetics has always been a subject that’s fascinated me and infuriated me to no end.  It seems like the old have your cake and eat it too for Christians.  It’s a method of being able to have the entire bible and claim that it’s all wonderful and amazing while simultaneously deleting, omitting, ignoring, or just not knowing about all the terrible things that are in it.  Why do people do this? What is wrong with their god? 

This brings up the idea of god’s incompetence.  Why is it that an all-powerful supernatural being of unimaginable intelligence and perfection can’t be clear enough in a book? Some say that the bible was written in such a way that’s we will come to understand it better as time goes on.  But this idea of falls flat on its face from the start, this is tacitly saying that the beginning parts of the bible are things you should ignore overtime as is our society progress is and then we’re in our human imperfection are supposed to understand which parts the bible we should omit and which parts are inspired or revolutionary.  So no matter how you look at it human beings still make the final call, so was the points of the bible being inspired by god anyway? 

So apologetics seems to me to be a transparent urging people have to hold onto their holy book even though they know that it’s fallacious. But why is this, why do people have such an incredible need to hold on to something that they know is not actually their source of whatever inspiration, morals, etc. I venture that it is because it’s easier; it’s easier than facing the idea that something you based a large portion of your life on is a farce.  It’s easier to just say I don’t understand it, but there must be a reason that this is true, so I’ll make one.

So to my religious friends, but more directly to my Christian friends please don’t be scared anymore, there is no reason to twist words of a really old book just to give your life meaning or grounding.  Judging from your ability to pick out the bad parts and keep the good parts in your holy book, you already have a good foundation for choosing right from wrong, you don’t need fantasy anymore.

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