Useless term: Christian?

Based on my plethora of conversations with people who claim to be Christian, It has become abundantly clear that the title is at worst completely worthless, and at best a misdirection. If I ask two people what their religious beliefs are, often for this country, they will both say Christian. Then, being the curious tike I am, I follow up by asking what it is specifically they believe. Now these two people, who claim to be the same religion, will almost always give radically different answers, often on the same subject. Some Christians are pro-life, some are pro-choice. Some take the bible literally; some say it’s all symbolic. But either way none appear any more or any less Christian than any other. Therefore I am positing that when a term means anything, it ends up meaning nothing.

This is compounded by the infighting. Different sects arguing with each other over what the same book actually means. Now ignoring for the fact the amusement I feel for a bunch of adults dissecting a fantasy novel for the purpose of ruling their lives, It strikes me that all these folk manage to find support in their book for their often opposite view points. This furthers the idea, for me, that the term Christian has no meaning if its description is unable to be pinned down even by its most stringent followers.

So what do we do? Well how about forget the term; don’t give the name Christian any more weight than any other silly label. When approaching/responding to a religious person of any strip, just ask them what they believe and why. And don’t let them get away with the useless catch all term of Christian.

So to close, to my “Christian” friends, let’s start a real conversation. What do you actually believe, and why?


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  1. Grammar Nazi says:

    Edits needed:

    The word is ‘tyke’, not ‘tike’.
    The word ‘it’ does not need to be capitalized after a comma.

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