Misused Terms: Belief vs Belief System

Let’s make a very firm distinction between these two ideas, shall we? A belief is simply an affirmation that you think one proposition is more valid, or more accurate than others, or just a good proposition to you. Beliefs are substantiated by varying levels of support, and the level for which a person will believe something is largely personal. A belief system is a foundational set of beliefs that dictate/lead the thoughts/actions and future thoughts/actions of an individual. Beliefs can be far and in between. Random ideas that can stretch from the highly supported, ie evolution, gravity, germs, to the very unsupported, ie fairies, ghosts, gods etc.

Theism is a belief, atheism is a belief (or lack thereof). Neither one in of itself is a belief system. Alternatively, Christianity is a belief system, as Marxism is a belief system. These groups of beliefs actually have direction and depth. There is a distinct difference, and its easy to see, if your goal is not ignoring it.

So why the confusion. Well to conflate atheism with just another belief system many can toss it on the same level of control over ones lives as Christianity. As in people can claim that atheism causes action, or that people must believe other things because they are an atheist. Claiming it is  belief system allows people to manufacture further complaints about atheists. And if evolution is just a belief then it can be tossed along with any other unsubstantiated belief, life one in god. In this case manufacturing a false even footing of ideas. It’s all just another silly strategy to raise up unsupported claims, not by providing evidence, but by misdefining/misleading words so that everything seems equal. It’s as pointless as it is frustrating.

Therefore to all my theist friends, don’t bother using this trick. All it does is breed circular arguments, and huge tangents, while shining a spotlight on your unsupported ideas whatever they are. If you have evidence for your god present it, anything else is just fluff.


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5 Responses to Misused Terms: Belief vs Belief System

  1. Andrix Hopper says:

    When you use the term “friends” do you mean people who talk to you because they feel bad about your severe autism?

    MODERATOR NOTE: In the interest of censorship, I won’t delete this. But this is strike one.

  2. David says:

    Hey there Andrix sorry for taking so long to respond, I have so many things on my mind that this particular post slipped past.

    Anyway, not really sure what you are referring to with this criticism, i use the term friends in many of my posts because i do have many theist friends for whom this post would happily be targeted at, same with any theists reading, as i would like to be on friendly terms with as many people as possible. i make these posts both with the intention of voicing my opposition and to pose questions that i hope get people to think about their beliefs and why they believe them.

    i did not make any indication, that i can see, that would lead someone to believe i am autistic, but even if i did what does that have to do with any of the actual points i made?

    bottom line, how about next time you comment you talk about my points, and raise objections based on those rather than stood to cheap emotional/personal insults that have no baring on the conversation.


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