Why is the resurrection impressive?

As I’m sure we are all incredibly aware of, a common claim of many Christians is that the oh so wonderful Jesus resurrected from the dead and because of this we should worship him or something. I have to ask why religious folk find this claim all that impressive. I mean people have been “resurrecting” for centuries, and as medicine gets better we resurrect people on a daily basis.

Now theists take a deep breath, there are many reasons that I say this. First to eliminate some different possibilities. The very idea that this was a genuine resurrection has no support. For all me know this is simply a case of false death. The person in question simply is in a state very similar to death, ie very shallow breathing low pulse etc, and they just shuffled him into the grave without being entirely positive they were dead. Don’t think this happens? Well apparently it happened so often that many had little bells put above their graves with a string leading into their coffin, so they could ring for help if the unthinkable happens so real was their fear.  During these early years of humanity people sprung back from what appeared to be death all the time.

Now lets grant it was a genuine bodily death, heart is fibrillating Jesus is dying. Well ever since we invented the defibrillator, we can correct that as well. Since we created life sustaining devices and other medical treatment we have brought people back from what would be certain death many more times over.

So assuming he existed, and then further assuming he was actually dead, Jesus’ specific “resurrection” would have been nothing more than a fairly unlikely event.  So why are people so impressed by it? When it has happened all the time.

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