Where’s your god now?

Any god or gods have historically been nothing more than an ever diminishing pocket of scientific ignorance. Back in the day, as human knowledge was very limited, gods were used as an explanation for virtually everything. But as we learned more, more and more roles that gods played were replaced by our collective understanding. No longer did gods control the weather or the sea. No longer did anyone roll the sun and moon across the sky. And now in the modern day gods have fallen significantly, both in use and explanation.

Today gods exist only in the annuls of human ignorance, as in people who have not had the opportunity to learn, or in a cloud of wishful thinking, sustained only by an impenetrable wall of faith. This cloud is truly nothing more than loosely defined ideas, and misleading concepts. God exists outside the universe; god exists as love or meaning, etc etc etc. Well if that’s where god is then what’s the point?

Everything that has ever been attributed to god, conjuring fire, seeding rain and even creating life is no longer gods domain. That’s right scientists are working on and have successfully created a functioning life form from the ground up. So to all my theist friends who hold onto such a nebulous and ill-defined creator, where is your god now?

Brief article of those scientists:

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5 Responses to Where’s your god now?

  1. Nick Beard says:

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  2. Colleen Blaho says:

    What a stunning piece of rhetoric. Take notes, everyone.

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