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American Atheists is excited to announce what is believed to be the first atheism-dedicated television channel, Atheist TV.

In partnership with internet-streaming service Roku, which offers devices similar to cable boxes to bring hundreds of channels of content to your TV, American Atheists will bring together dozens of atheist content creators, including The Richard Dawkins Foundation, to present the first on-demand television station that presents exclusively atheist, humanist, and freethought programming.

In addition, American Atheists is making available its recently-digitized historic video archives spanning more than 50 years of activism.


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8 Responses to Announcements

  1. Hugh Taft-Morales says:

    Glad to see Drexel Freethought shows good website and podcast progress!

  2. Michael says:

    Hi, I would like to join the free thought society but since I missed the first meeting last week, I don’t really know when and where to go for meetings.

  3. Andrix Hopper says:

    So basically this is a club to jerk off about how bad religion is under the guise of having actual meaningful discussion? Do you guys compare fedoras as well?


  4. Rich says:

    The guise of what? Religions are the worse scourges that have plagued the world since the beginning of recorded history. Millions have been tortured and killed due to these nonsensical beliefs. The only fedora you need is a thinking cap.

  5. @Rich says:

    @Rich – Intolerant liberals like you are the problem. You only preach acceptance when it conforms to your beliefs, but everyone else is wrong, guilty, and persecuted. Thank God for religion and the morals it teaches.

  6. Eric Kim says:

    Would love to attend a meeting. Could someone email me more details about this organization?

  7. Colleen Blaho says:

    Hi there Eric. We have a Facebook group (Drexel Freethought Society), and if you’re a Drexel student, then you can join our org on Collegiate Link.

  8. laya says:

    Interested in good conversation

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